The contracts tab gives you a list of active contracts the crew member has with a yacht.

Double clicking on a contract opens three options: “Fundamentals” “Leave” and “Particulars”

Fundamentals allows the user to set Pay Rates, assign the yacht, currency, structure, payroll type and fee / NI percentages. Action buttons allow you to assign the yacht, end client and payroll type. Earliest Payroll Date should be set the first of the month. This can be backdated if you are adding a profile mid-way through a month. Going forward the individual will be included in any payroll until the “end of payroll” date.

When loading a new crew member click on the “Load From Template” button. For crew default if not crew not crew master or Other is input, choose from “Add” option then type an appropriate name. The option of Salary will appear on the screen in the Pay Rate list, double clicking on Salary will open a new window. Here you can alter the salary to the current contract, Default Unit is set as 1 because you will only pay them this amount once a month.

Leave keeps a record of leave taken, days accrued and total. This can integrate with the M/Y Crew app.

Particulars is the area, which makes up the SEA. The contract binding the crew member to the yacht. Here you can add documents and copy and print the contract. Double check the start date is the date starting with the company.

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