The main tab within Crew Operations contains all main contact details and bank information. It is here you will find much of the necessary information to complete the SEA and run a successful payroll. All fields highlighted are mandatory to complete these actions. This is also the area to flag on board and work status.

The action buttons in this tab will allow you to email, send text messages and add new bank accounts to the crew members’ profile. Current photos of crew can also be uploaded and attached to their profile through this tab.

The main tab contains contact actions buttons.  Clicking on this button will allow you to email or send a text message to the crew member. Text Messaging will require an account with Text Anywhere. Clicking on the bank account action button  will reveal a list of available accounts, on choosing the required account you will be faced with the following screen. In here you can add bank information and action the BankVal integrations including validating sort codes, Bic numbers and IBAN numbers. To create a new account simply go back to the list of accounts screen and click “ADD”.  This screen is also where you set your charging details, if the company pays the bank charges or the agent or individual and what type of payment system etc.

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