The schedule records crew time and can be split into bespoke or set categories. The categories that are set in the system are: On Vessel, Travel, Training, Leave, sick leave, flight taken, unpaid leave, business and compassionate. Restricted users will NOT be able to edit past scheduled items.

However, note following rules to be applied:

Crew disembarking – annotate flight taken as a one day entry, this deducts one flight.  Where crew may be travelling over 24 hours, select ‘Travel’ and adjust to how many days they may be lost in airspace, this then adds up the accrual days.  Leave then starts day after arrival in home port.

Crew embarking – if they depart their home and are onboard on the same day, annotate as ‘Flight taken’.  Where crew may have to travel for more than 24 hours, the day they commence the travel, annotate ‘travel’, then the day they arrive to vessel location annotate as ‘Flight taken.  ‘On Vessel’ starts the next day, even though crew may be onboard the night before.

The reason crew who are embarking need to be reported this way is for future manifest reporting.

Do not overlap any of the occurrences/movements, as this will double up leave accrual etc.

Finally, note on 1 Jan of each new year, leave balances will continue to accrue, however you will have to manually enter all of the following year flight entitlements for crew as this is not an automatic reset process.


Details about each appointment can be recorded for clarity.

Clicking on the scheduler button within the schedule tab and selecting a crew member will bring up an annual summary of leave taken.

The scheduler includes a filter option in order to narrow down a large crew list.

Future manifest report

To produce manifest in the future, you just need to toggle crew on/off, update joining dates, scheduler, update port of arrival etc and follow same procedure in creating a manifest, but select ‘Manifest for Date’.


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