The Timesheets list is the first stage of the payroll process. On this screen you can view the current payroll details for all crew, set currency rates, create invoices, create reports and add/edit pay rates. Clicking on the expansion button  reveals all timesheets relating to the crew members for the current payroll run. Double clicking on a timesheet entry will open the Timesheet Batch window.

Timesheet Batch Entry

Within the Timesheet Batch Entry you can set quantities, currency and enter any accrued holiday time for Cello to work out salary. When finished, these timesheets can then be batched and ready to begin payroll.

By default the list will be presented in files currently unprocessed for payroll. These can be filtered however in the Tasks menu on the right hand side of the screen.

If there is a timesheet entry missing, you can add a new one by clicking on the Add button in the Tasks menu. This will open a new timesheet batch entry window (as above). Likewise there is the ability to remove a timesheet. To do this, click on the checkbox beside any timesheet and click the Remove button in the Tasks menu.

For multiple currency payments, exchange rates can be set manually within the Tasks menu.

To continue to the next stage of the payroll process you will need to create an invoice. Select all timesheets you wish to include in the invoice by clicking on the corresponding check box. When all timesheets have been selected, click on the Create Invoice button in the tasks menu. This will open a window of all timesheets you selected. Here you have the Invoice reference number, date and number of days the invoice stands for, invoice format, number of crew in the invoice and total amount being invoiced. To view more information about a specific crew member clicking the Expand button will reveal the following information. Each of these areas can be exported to Excel. When you are ready click the select all option and click OK.



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