Make A Payment

The next stage of the payroll process involves going to the Seafarer Payments section of Cello Marine. The default list will be set to un-batched. Select the check boxes of the crew you wish to pay and click on the “Batch With Defaults” button in the Tasks Menu. Note:- Batch with defaults doesn’t batch payments with notes.


Processing Payments

The next stage in payroll is to process the payments. Change the filter in the Tasks menu to “Unprocessed” and select the crew you would like to process. Under common tasks click on the “Process Payments” button.

To double check before processing the payments you will be required to specify again the crew you want to process. Select the check boxes and click on next.

The second window allows the user to email a copy of the payslips, save paylsips to a local folder, print payslips and send to an API connection. This will then process the payments. You will be asked if the bank file exported correctly. View and check the file before clicking yes.

Before the payment can be processed the user will receive one final notification to finish the process.

If you are using an FX API the payments will then be processed, if however you are using a banking file you will be able to upload the file (usually saved to the desktop) to the banking system.

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