The Linked Data tab contains many options for banking information.

Clicking on “Edit Currencies” produces a list of available currencies.

From here the user can go into edit properties of each currency.Clicking on the “Banks” button will display a list of available bank accounts, where you can select an account from the list.

The next stage in Linked Data you will come to relates to the shared application folder. Here you get two options, firstly an action button to set the folder location and secondly an option to open the folder in a windows explorer window.

The remaining options on this tab relate to connections to external systems.

“Accounts application” gives the option to connect to Access Accounts. Selecting this option will display new options Selecting a database from the list and clicking Edit will open a new screen.

The remaining options in the Linked Data function are in relation to BankVal account details and the URL link to the Dashboard function.

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