This section dictates how payments are made to a crew member. The first column contains a series of check boxes, selecting any of these boxes will set the associated field with the default values as designated by the user in Cello.

File format allows the user to amend the bank file format settings and gives an option to set / edit API information if Cello makes payments through a Foreign Exchange 3rd party. Please note the FX information above is for demonstration purposes.

The payslip settings will let the user create custom messages when sending out payslips. Note; the message attached to the email notification can be written in HTML for layout purposes.

In SMS settings you can add and edit TextAnywhere account information in order to send crew text messages from within Cello Marine. The Text tab lets you create a default message to be sent to all crew.

Email Subject and Payslip Name buttons on the main Payments tab let the user set custom subjects and payslip names that will be sent to all crew.

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