CEL 890 – Contractors added through agency dashboard have null accounts database linked

CEL 892 – Very large pictures cause a Out of memory exception

Find large photos

select distinct LEN(Photo) from Contractor where LEN(Photo) > 1000000

remove large photos

update Contractor set Photo = null where LEN(Photo) > 1000000

CEL 889 – Contract Leave rounding to 2 decimal places

CEL 896 – Malta Social Security – documents available

CEL 899 -Embed the template reports into the Cello install

To test this you will need to set SharedApplicationFolder in your Settings table to null and remove the UserSettings.xml file

CEL 909 – Add search box to Quicktimesheets

CEL 911 – Wrap GRP exRate update in a try block to make it more reliable

CEL 915 -Unprocessed label jumps to wrong tab

CEL 913 -Post Malta Social Security BatchCodes to Access

This involves

* adding a new BatchCode type that is single currency.
* adding two default BatchCodes of that type in the update script.
* adding two batch code fields to the Yacht and setting them to default to the two new codes
* Pulling the two new codes out of the Yacht when the Payment is posted and posting the NIee and NIer values to those codes

CEL 907 – Timesheet Bugs

Can edit the amount of an item using payment apportionment while the box is disabled.
Can edit a timesheet in quicktimesheets without appropriate permissions.
Can access timesheets in crew member with disabled permissions.

CEL 910 – Scheduler not loading crew lower in list


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