CEL 918 – Clearing the temp folder errors if one of the files are still open

This is because when Cello opens a document it downloads the file from the database and saves it to the temp folder. It then tells windows to open the file with the default application say Adobe. If the user keeps the file open and restarts Cello there will still be a file lock on the document in the temp folder. This then stops Cello from clearing the temp folder on boot.

The easiest thing to do is delete all the files it can from the temp folder and just leave any files with a lock for later.

CEL – 925 New User restrictions

Add user restriction so a user can only see contractors marked as ‘Crew’.
Add a new folder path for a specific user, which will only affect Contractor, Contract and Agency reports

CEL 933 -Add company name to payslip view

CEL 929 -Remove small annoyances

This is a request to change the NOK and emergency country boxes to drop downs.

Also fix the Calendar detail form tab order.

CEL 912 – The default payrate analysis code is double appending the currency

Also re-run the BatchCode Check to make sure the calculated analysis code is correct and if not let the user know which user and payrate is the problem.

CEL 927 – Payment Exchange Rates form throws error

If two payments have the same contract currency, but different bank account currencies, error is thrown when creating the rates list.

CEL 935 –┬áThe API classes are throwing an error when there are no payment to process

CEL 928 – Contractor Calendar_Get Leave Totals By Contract ID is missing the GO

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