CEL 881 – Add second passport for crew member

CEL 919 – Can edit the amount of an item using payment apportionment while the box is disabled.
Can edit a timesheet in quicktimesheets without appropriate permissions.
Can access timesheets in crew member with disabled permissions.

CEL 920 – The Cost value for Direct Billing invoices is missing the VAT

The full invoice cost in the invoice list is not including the VAT.

We should probably add the VAT as a separate field as well.

CEL 934 -Reduce the number of exceptions that would cause Cello to close

 Get MainForm to catch exceptions and regenerate itself. Rather than falling back on program.csIf the main form can catch exceptions and recreate the main controls. It should stop the user from being thrown out of Cello when an exception occurs.

At the moment it gets sent up to the Program class where the next line is to return an exit value.

CEL 947 – Authentication not tracked by the audit.

CEL 948 – Get the FastDateControl to open the calendar at the selected date not the current

CEL 949 -Add the end of month balance to the Crew scheduler control

his should be the outstanding leave balance for the end of the current month.

CEL 950 – Open the right department filter when opening the scheduler from a Crew Member

CEL 951 – Add the Crew name to the month end balance

CEL 952 – Filter the scheduler to only show Active crew

CEL 953 – Prevent Index outside of range errors on the Scheduler control

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