CEL 958 – Security Aadmin right missing for new SQL users

CEL 959 – SQL users lack rights to the CelloDocuments DB

New SQL users created from Cello need to have “dbowner” rights to the CelloDocuments DB as well as the Cello DB.

If the separate docs db is being used.

CEL 961  – Specify Encryption in the SQL Connection String

CEL 962 – Add cleanup check to bank classes.

The EQ bank file format has a check to delete the files if there are no payments for that file type. This should be added to ICEB, SEPA and Ebury. As an aside, the ICEB format doesn’t create a new copy if a file with the same name already exists.

CEL 964 – Remove the Direct Billing Accounts DropDown when not linked to accounts

At the moment Cello checks that an accounts link has been set in the Agency before it will let you add a new DirectBilling item.

There is no need for this. So if there is no accounts link setup the check and dropdown should be disabled.

CEL 966 – Check the SQL user has been created before saving to the User table

CEL 967 – Scheduler Notifications

Add new button to the calendar tab of the Agency, bringing up a list of email addresses that may receive notifications.
Add new table for these email addresses?
Add buttons for whether a schedule type a) needs notifications and b) whether it’s compulsory or not.

CEL 968 -Stop address from wrapping

At the moment the if they input a very long line in address1 it wraps and looks like there are 2 lines.

If we can we should stop this so the user can tell the difference.

This is only a problem for bank file output as most require 2 lines

CEL 969 – Crew scheduler doesn’t pull through schedule items if they don’t have a contract

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