Once login is successful, you will be forwarded to the main screen and presented with menu options on the left hand side.

“Traffic Light” indicators show if there is a document associated with a vessel that needs your attention. Amber signals a document nearing expiry and Red represents the expiration date has passed.

The Vessel window contains a series of tabs that will be the operations centre for the vessel. These tabs include:

Details, Marine, Contact, Services, Financial, Dashboard, Documentation, Notes, Direct Billing, Quick Timesheets, MLC, Calendar, Pay rate Template and Accommodation.


Action buttons appear throughout the operations window including:

Check Button: This is a validation action and is an integration with a postcode checker.
Action: Clicking this button allows the user to complete an action. This could be to add values to a list or in this case compose an email or text message
Document: Any field that has this icon beside it indicates there are documents associated with the field.

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