We understand that the decision to implement a new business solution is not taken lightly.  The commitment shown by your supplier is just as important as the software itself.  I-Bos Limited offers a comprehensive service, beginning with pre-sales consultancy and extending into full support for the lifetime of your system.

To find out more about our development process, select a stage below:

  • Pre-Sales Consultancy and Project Management
  • Implementation and Configuration
  • Post Implementation Review


Pre-Sales Consultancy

Your business is unique. Pre-sales consultancy enables us to determine where changes need to be made and which solutions can have the greatest impact. By understanding your business from day one, we can recommend solutions that work in harmony with your staff, your commercial priorities and your existing business routines. And, as your accounting requirements gradually change, we use this knowledge to update your system in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Project Management

i-Bos Limited offers a range of project management services for new installations and system upgrades. Our consultants work closely with your own team to ensure that every aspect is properly considered, carefully planned and well executed – from scheduling of resources through to physical implementation, transfer of legacy data and staff training. At this stage, we pay particular attention to any requirement for integration of your other business applications into your accounts.


We aim to get your new system up and running in the shortest time possible… and with the minimum of disruption to your daily activities. Advanced planning is critical to this process and, following confirmation of your order, our project manager will agree and plan timings for implementation. This schedule takes into account the time needed to transfer your existing data, and to configure your new system for maximum impact and ease of use

Software Configuration

Once your new system is in place, our experts will configure it to your precise business needs. This may involve anything from setting up user profiles for members of staff to re-designing your report pack for the Board. Again, we are acutely aware of the need for minimal disruption to your business activities. Our highly experienced technicians are qualified in all aspects of the computerised accounts and business software and work closely with your team to ensure configuration proceeds to schedule. We give the same care and attention to subsequent system upgrades and software enhancements.

Post-Implementation Review

After a suitable period, we carry out a thorough post-implementation review.  This is used to verify that your system meets all your key objectives and is continuing to operate correctly.

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